“A New Way Out”


Online and additional, planned, Historical Outreach


Online Historical Outreach has been conducted free through staff members for a substantial period of time on the following websites:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous History ( 

  2. Dick B's Personal History Blog Site (

  3. A.A. History With Dick B. and Terry D. (

  4. Recovery Life Publications (

Articles and historical presentations by staff members Dick B. and Terry D. as well as former staff member Richard K. have been posted on many history oriented websites, such as:


Archives International, aaBibliography, Mental Health Matters, Bible Study Notes, National Institute on Chemical Dependency, Silkworth.Net, Recovery Life, A.A. History, Christians in Recovery, Recovery Times, Recovery Zone, NA AA Recovery Zone, Sponsor to Sponsor, and 



  •  Big Book/Bible Study Groups are being catalyzed in the U.S. and abroad

  •  Recently, contact was made with the Executive Director of Christian Endeavor International with the intent of making materials available on Christian Endeavor and its link with early A.A.

  • Recently, contact was made with an Associate Commissioner at Health and Human Services for outreach to homeless, indigent, and abandoned people with alcohol and addiction problems.

  • Recently, contact was made with the President of a national youth ministry organization to arrange for education and distribution to youth organizations throughout the United States.

  • Recently, contact was made with the Honorable Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Ranking Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee with the intent of reaching our Veterans in rehab facilities with the history of early A.A.

  • As stated elsewhere, recent contact was made with the President of Prison Ministries International with the intent of making materials available with their help through prisons around the world.





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